Nicedrape - offers a full lineup of functional and decorative products. The presentation of widows is essential in the creation of spaces that charm people and make them feel at home.


1Roller Blinds

Incorporating its unique speed controller mechanism, there are various types of roller blinds of superior function bring to fulfill the characteristic of the material employed.



2Venetian Blinds

Choice for a particular usage is possible from the extensive range of high original venetian blinds, featuring a rich color variation and one –control system. We offer not only the aluminum slat, but also leather type and textile type slat.



3Roman Blinds System

Displaying to full effect the rich atmosphere created by the use of soft fabric, the Roman shade in becoming a very popular form of widow curtain. The system can carry from light duty sheer fabric to blackout fabric. 


(4) Curtain Rail

From functional to fashionable, we offers a wide and colourful variety of curtain rails developed through its excellent technology.



(5) Pleated Blind

Apart from the traditional standard pull up system, our twin system allows you to switch from view through fabric to privacy fabric for your day and night purpose.



(6) Vertical Blind

This is a vertical blind beautiful enhances the presentation of gently curving window. We offer that spiral shaft makes opening and closing smooth and quiet. Cord and cord provides sure operation. The louvers have excellent durability,



(7) Panel Screen

Panel blinds are ideal for rooms with larger windows, patio and sliding doors and as a room dividing system for open plan spaces. A sophisticated option for both homes and offices, panel blinds are easy to install, simple to use and provide privacy and light control with style .



(8) Ventex Blind

Decorating is a dream with Ventex. Opens up with these tailor-made fabric blinds that combine all the advantages of roller, pleated and venetian blinds. Reinforced rod to provide rigidity and elasticity



(9) Skylight System

It is ideal for regulating the amount of light in an atrium or in tall windows. Any of a number of control patterns can be selected in our skylight system, including individual, simultaneous and remote control.