With our silent motorization systems, you can quickly and easily control sunlight to:

       . automatically raise and lower blinds to reduce heat buildup

       . create privacy as desired


(1)  The first entire electronic actuation window system in market.

(2)  The silent motorized system operates roller blinds and curtains track at a near-silent level rated at 44 dBA at 1 m.

(3)  Records motor movements to ensure that position is accurately saved even if the motor is active when power is interrupted

(4)  The silent motorization system optimizes roller blind, skylight blind, and curtain track adjustment by offering programmable presets. Save and recall preset levels from an intuitive keypad. Additionally, roller blinds will move smoothly, in unison, and with exact alignment.

(5)  The security of using low voltage. This system uses 24 VAC low voltage. Does not need any group controller to carry on the line voltage wiring between the electron driving unit.




Our another unique features of Motorized Drapery Track system Proqress 50:

Feature 1: Quiet operation with a new motor and new rollers

               The new motor and rollers make it possible to generate little noise when opening and


Feature 2: Widely available for curved windows

               L-shaped, U-shaped, S-shaped and gradual curves

Feature 3: Hand-draw operation as well as motor operation

               A built-in electromagnetic clutch allows the drapery to be drawn by hand

Feature 4: Highly durable belt drive transmission system

               The belt drive transmission system has materialized excellent durability

Feature 5: “slow start” and ‘slow stop” functions

               These functions and enable the smooth start and stop of drapery operation

Feature 6: Adjustable curtain open/ close speed

               The curtain open/close speed is adjustable in 10 stages. This allow you to select the

                speed that best matches each window