Teams and Conditions

General Sales Condition


l            All prices listed in this Price List are RMB for China/HKD for Hong Kong/Macau and is our trading currency.

l            Due to the printing restriction, product photos and colors may differ from actual products.

l            On-site measurement and installation charges are not included in products’ pricing.

l            We use metric as our manufacturing unit, therefore, order that has imperial units will be converted to metric (integral mm) in our production.

l            Unless specified, product’s price is calculated by minimum 1 sq. meter and step up per each 0.01 m2.

l            Blinds sizes based on component parts from edge to edge.

l            Free local delivery is only available to place that can be reached by truck and can be accessed by lift or elevator.

l            Since most products are make-to-order, please contact us for actual production and delivery lead-time.

l            Retailer and contractor are requested to issue Item-listed invoice and our official Warranty Card to consumer in order to realize product warranty.

l            Order received and confirmed by customer is not amendable and represent acceptance from customer to our business terms.

l            Above is our general commercial terms, please refer to your copy of Distribution Agreement for detailed business and trading terms.